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ZG JAZZ 2019

Zagreb and jazz like each other secretly for a long long time. From legendary Miljenko Prohaska till Boško Petrović and now – ZG JAZZ! We want more Jazz in our lives; we want it loudly, we want it emotionally, crazy, passionately, sofisticated and happy.

ZG Jazz started in April 2019 with a beautiful concert of Matija Dedić, piano (Croatia), Romulo Duarte, double bass (Brazil) and Manu Katché, drums (France), in Big Movie Hall of SC, in Zagreb.


1000 women and man went home satisfied that night because they had a chance to be the first to hear new album of Matija Dedić, made in Paris, featuring Manu Katché – drummer that doesn’t hit the drum set, he really plays it. 

“…this album was made in July of 2018 in Pariz. It is coming out for Alliance Records, and it is my 5th album for foreign market. It consists mainly of my personal compositions which a little bit diverse from my previous work and are not so contemporary jazz like – the songs are not so complexed (thinking about harmony and arrangement)…” more about on

With special thanks to our sponsor The City of Zagreb and help in organizing to our cooperants Musicology Barcafe Croatia, Student Center Zagreb, Eurounit, Yamaha and  ulaznice.h


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