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To live in harmony with oneself and the environment is the wish of every human. However, in modern times greater physical and emotional demands are constantly placed upon many areas of life. Tre result: more and more people suffer from physical and mental tension such as stress, anxiety, insomnia and there is an imbalance in physical activity and proper exercise. This is why methods and techniques for the attainment and improvement of health, as well as physical, mental and spiritual harmony, are of great importance and it is exactly in this respect that “Yoga in Daily Life” comprehensively offers an aid to help one’s self.

Musicians and all artist in general are people who tend to give to other people all their emotions, knowledge and artistic mastery they have been building and thinking about all their lives un till that precise moment, un till THAT second! For succeeding that, they have to prepare to be able to shape their energy more simpler, non-ambiguous, more directly, more precisely, more essential. The answer for this you will find in Yoga. This does not only mean better control of breathing and knowledge about the body but it is the sense of the body that develops together with realizing its connection – absolute balance of expression and inner life of an artist. This is what Yoga in Daily Life will give you.


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+385 91 4593 222