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Radojka Šverko, is one of Croatian biggest music diva. Her sumptuous voice will leave you breathless!

„Radojka Šverko is a great artist, singer, professional but first of all a big person!. Only big and true people, people of strong and positive character can survive on the top of the pop scene for so long! “, said maestro A. Bjelinski.

There are numerous people that know Radojka through Mediterranean style songs like „Kud plovi ovaj brod“ and „Lanterna“ but her repertoire spreads to musical genres: pop – Jule Styne, Bob Merrill: “People”, rock, soul, jazz, gospel – Paul Simon: “Bridge Over Troubled Water”  and world music. 

She won numerous awords on domestic but also on foreign festivals like: Tokio, Los Angeles, Seoul, Madrid, Atena, Caracas, Malta… most often that were the songs of Alfie Kabiljo.

A big part of her career is made of theater shows in wich she played main roles – rock operas  Gubec beg Karlo Metikoš, Ivica Krajač, Miljenko Prohaska: “Ave Maria” and Grička Vještica – Karlo Metikoš, Ivica Krajač, Miljenko Prohaska: “Nerina pjesma” and  musicals Jadnici (L’Miserable), Karolina Riječka i Mirakul. Only a few people know that Radojka very often sings in sacral spaces and churches. In that occasions she sings classical music – W.A.Mozart: “Laudate Dominum”.

At the end of this too short of a description of an unique career we decided to put maybe her most famous songs Zvonko Špišić„Život moj“ (My Life). Life as her signature.   


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+385 91 4593 222