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Oridano Gypsy Jazz Band was set up in spring 2010, after meeting at jazz workshop in Grožnjan, Croatia. Fascination with Django Reinhardt’s opus as well as love for jazz manouche brought them together which resulted in forming a quintet. From 2011 do 2020, they appeared in numerous local and international venues, which include jazz clubs, festival, public events, TV and radio appearances and private performances. 

Untill today, they are proudly signing 4 music albums and 8 singles which you can hear if you “klik” on some of the links below this text.

Oridano Gypsy Jazz Band are: Orjen Riđanović, guitar, Aldo Foško, clarinet, Milivoj Majdak, ritam guitar and Vjekoslav Crljen, doube bass.

If you want to listen to them live, feel free to write to us on or directly them on or just catch their wave and surf!




Singl “Natural Beauty” (from 2020); publisher: Hitchtone Music & Promotion (Zagreb, CRO)

Singl “Swing King” (from 2020); publisher: Hitchtone Music & Promotion (Zagreb, CRO)

Singl “The Final Act” (from 2019); publisher: Hitchtone Music & Promotion (Zagreb, CRO)


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+385 91 4593 222