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Three sopranos ONE are academically educated solo singers Ana Zebić Kostel, Mima Karaula and Mia Domaćina Topalušić. They graduated from the Music Academy in Zagreb and all three of them are employed in the Choir of the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb. Behind each of them stands a series of roles in some of the most famous operas such as Nikola Šubić Zrinjski, Ljubavni napitak, Čarobna frula, Carmen…

They have been performing as a trio since the beginning of 2019, and since than they have performed several concerts of which the concert in Klovićevi dvori and the Gala Christmas concert as guests to tenor Ivo Gamulin Gianni should be mentioned.

What makes them special is the warmth of the sound made by the combination of their voices.

It should also be noted that the ONE trio was created solely out of love and passion for music, so their performances are imbued with a spectrum of emotions that hover over the audience and enchant it.

You will come out of their concert intoxicated by the magic of music, that is what ONE promise you!

Beneath this text is a short video from or concert in a museum Klovićevi dvori in Zagreb. Enjoy.


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+385 91 4593 222