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The biggest prize for us is to make music for you when you are satisfied because your wishes are coming through.

Emotions are those that drives us; the ones because of which we dance, sing, we feel good, we laugh,…Feeling can be Duo, Trio – it depends on epidemiological restriction 🙂 …on your wedding or following the dinner which you have had remembering the love that is waiting for you just around the corner…   
M.Kraljević, J. Fiamengo, I. Lesić: Tebi grade moj
Performed by: Trio Feeling (Lea Lovrenčić, vokal, Darko Berović, piano, Darko Gulić, bas guitar), recording made by studio A Kaj, Mlinovi 1, Zagreb, 2018
VIDEO: M. Hamlish: The Way We Were, from the movie The Way We Were

Performed by: Duo Feeling (Lea Lovrenčić, vokal and Darko Berović, piano)

video made in the year 2012 on Saint Ana’s Island from the concert made as a part of a Island Mljet Cultural Summer.


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+385 91 4593 222