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Welcome to Obnomika

Obnomika is a possible partner for you if you organize for others/ organize something for you personally/ if you are a musician:

1. We can do it independently – you just supervise if you like

2. We can be your partner – co-organizer


If you know exactly what you want but you are not so proficient in organization or you just need a brief consultation on how to round up your idea of some happening – a concert, wedding, competition, birthday party, tour….? You want to come up with just the right idea for you and your company, which will give you the right start up position, or you need a photographer to make just that kind of photos of you or your client and when you think about audio and video recording of it all al all on the Croatian market, you suddenly have an awful headache? Or you would like somebody else to talk with the performers or maybe publishers instead of you…? Anny staircase you choose I am sure that together we can find the best way to get you exactly where you have attended to go. Our job is to make the picture as clear as possible.

Although we are all in the same train and we have the same final destination, the ways we get there do not have to be the same. Sometimes we are together ’till the first
crossroad and sometimes we have a feeling we have met somewhere before, but we
just can’t remember where exactly…following beautiful people decided to “travel” with obnomika…



The full author right for the name of obnomika lies in hands of my sun. He was only 3 yeras old when his decision about my company name was instant, resolute, as if he thought about it before. I didn’t ask him how or why (these are the questions I started to ask much later while talking to him). On the other hand I never explaind what company extually is…maybe I should J

Today, grownups often ask me what obnomika means. I answer always the same, without thinking much: it combines meaning of a words renewal and mathematics (translated in Croatian). I do not lie. Mathematics-brain, renewal-heart, emotions or music-love-business. We know everything, we understand everything and if we have a little bit of luck to have someone to say all this to, we get our reality.

I want you to have music in your life! My wish is to use my brain-my knowledge, capability for communications, business connections…all what it takes to bring music into your life, a little refreshment, another perspective…I want you to sing when you have the shower although you think you do not know how to sing…what I really want from the bottom of my heart is that when you come to a certain age you will have a lot of wrinkles around your eyes – wrinkles of laughter and smiles you were giving to the people around you.

Obnomika is made for the musicians, but special ones! It is made for those musicians who know they have to sing and play their instrument or compose every day – just to feel alive. It is made for those people who want their life to be colored with optimism from today until the ocean.

I hope you will find, on this pages, every information about events, people, artists and music you are interested.

Sometimes I wonder what would life be if everything was exactly opposite of the way we think it is…How would our world look like if the only relationship we have towards one another would be the same as we feel in the first 10 seconds when we hear our favorite melody playing?

That’s why I suggest you to turn AWAY from the sun! Do not let it dazzle you – let it guard and heal you, warms your back, calms you and makes you stronger in love with LIFE.

Let the music be your life, let your life be music.


Lea, mag. oecc. i mag. music